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k9sound is a one-person operation with experience in narrative documentaries, events, and features that included interviews, narrative presentations, panel discussions, run-n-gun, podcasts, musical performances, and actors.

Although retired, k9sound offers limited services, emphasizing narratives in a controlled environment using an effective boom mic and wireless lav. The preferred duration for any session is a half day. If you need a Zoom F6 other than for a video shoot, such as a multi-track podcast, please inquire about feasibility.  You may rent the gear at Kitsplit for your own sound tech to use.

In the field

k9sound has cabled legacy two-channel gear for camcorders with XLR input, so no need for dual audio. The same sound is recorded to a backup recorder.

For DSLR and mirrorless cameras, the modern six-channel recorder and timecode equipment is actuated by connecting a wireless timecode generator with scratch mic to the 3.5mm audio input. The left channel is ambient sound, the right channel is timecode metadata. You won't be able to use the camera's internal mic or attachment such as the Sony XLR K3M. The compromise is camera mobility and autonomy. Even if shooting is paused, timecode continues.

Your NLE

k9sound is a location-only service and not post-production. In the case of DSLR and mirrorless cameras, your editor can sync with timecode metadata in your selected NLE. Also, all files are accessible to sync with waveforms as preference or necessity: non-clipped 32-bit floating and 24-bit linear, fadered 24-bit stereo mix, and ambient scratch mic. Older NLE versions cannot sync timecode. You need the current operating system and software. Even if you are unsure if your NLE can process timecode, you are covered. A manual slate will be on the set. No need for a painstaking reshoot.

The Zoom F6 can either cluster all takes as a single poly file or as separate mono/stereo files. Preference is the latter to avoid any snafu. For example, Sound Devices Wave Agent software doesn't always split poly files as professed and a half day's work could be spoiled.

Bring your laptop

On the day of the shoot, please bring a laptop to copy the SD card contents to your drive. The SD card cannot be relinquished and the contents are archived forever, which adds extra safeguards in case your files are lost or become corrupted.

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