Sound Recording for Documentary or Feature Video

~ Experienced audio recordist for documentaries and filmmakers with simple but decent gear. 

~ Available for half day gigs. Can usually work within your budget, including the indie filmmaker.

~ Compatible with an XLR camcorder and slate or DSLR camera and timecode.

~ Send email or text/call 505-934-5181 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

~ Listen to clips.




~ Sound Devices MixPre-D (no timecode, two-channel legacy mixer, breakout cable to camcorder)
~ Zoom H6 recorder (backup)


~ Zoom F6 (modern six-track mixer with time code)
~ Tentacle Sync E (reference mic and timecode for one DSLR, wireless sync to the F6)
~ 32-bit 48-khz floating non-clipped wav files, recorded as separate tracks


~ Sennheiser MKH 416 shotgun mic
~ Boom pole

~ Blimp and shag (wind resistant)
~ C-stand and boom holder (stationary narratives)
~ Wireless Sennheiser lavalier mic

Your Microphones

~ My preference is my two mics, with which I am familiar and can manage on set
~ If you have or prefer to use your mics, the Zoom F6 can handle up to six mics, but difficult to manage alone