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On-location Sound-for-Video

k9sound is a one-person audio-on-location recordist with minimalist gear. Boom mic, wireless lavalier mic, field mixer, and two timecode generators for DSLRs with 3.5mm mic input. Everything fits into a small case. Email

I am retired but offer sound recording for independent documentary filmmakers or vloggers who need a short interview or narrative indoors or outdoors. The boom and lav are shagged and wind-resistant. I can be on my feet an hour or two for a quick session and prefer to work on indie projects.

Timecode is easy to configure on-set and is wireless, which allows two DSLR videographers without headphones to start and stop at random and shoot from different angles and distances untethered.

If your editor knows timecode then video and audio clips will sync perfectly on the timeline. 32-bit floating audio files are distortion-free which your editor will process.

I am in Stockton, California and prefer to work in the immediate area. Rate is commensurate with your budget.

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